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Brass Anchor 

We provide a quality you can trust on !


We at Ocean Oversea offer an impeccable range of brass anchors that are highly valuable for our clients. They are manufactured wisely by opting for quality raw materials and strict adherence to international quality standards. Whenever we focus on diverse client demands, we can deliver our products in varied dimensions and specifications.


Brass Anchor is an industrial fastening that plays an indispensable part in numerous industries for connecting or attaching several objects together. It looks classy and they are made with correctness and strength in the materials. They are very engaging with colossally durable for better grasp and hold than the surfaces to which they are secured

They guarantee high holding forces, are safe against rotation, and are anti-skidding. No need for special drills. Suitable for concrete, solid brick, natural stones, clinker brick, sand-lime bricks, solid wood, and laminated timber.

Types of Brass Anchors :

1 Brass Drop-In Anchors

2. Brass Pool Cover Anchors 

3 Brass Sleeve Anchors 

Brass Drop-In Anchor Details :

Building materials


End expansion in solid building material.

Form fit in soft building material.

Advantages of Brass Anchor
  • Brass is an alloy of copper and zinc that’s why brass anchor is more durable than any other metal.

  • Brass is known to have anti-corrosive properties and is widely used in plumbing fittings as well.

  • Brass Anchors are cost-effective and give plenty of manufacturers to choose from

  • Resistant to corrosion and high temperatures.

  • Knurled surface for improved adhesion to the walls of the hole and prevent the rotation of the anchor during installation.

  • Smaller size anchors - very practical for installation in a wooden base.



Take drill hole-Ø and drill hole depth from the table


Clean the drill hole with a brush, then blow it out with a purging pump


Insert the Brass Anchor with pre-assembled screw into the drill hole until the screw head is flush to the Building materials


Tighten the screw with accuracy (anchor will be retracted a little from the drill hole).


Anchor mustn‘t sit on the Building materials.

Technical Specifications
Application of Brass Anchors
  • HVAC systems

  • Plumbing/piping systems

  • Electrical installations (such as conduit)

  • Construction/building materials(such as drywall )

  • Curtain walls/facades 

  • Furniture installation (such as cabinetry)

Manufacturing process of brass anchor

1. Take order:

  • While taking orders possibly a maximum amount of information is necessary, regarding the customer's specific product need with chemical and mechanical drawings of components.​

2. Selection of raw material :

  • According to customer requirement, possibly the best raw materials and scrap is sourced from one of our trusted suppliers.

3. Making Alloys:

  • Row material is reformed to alloy by melting in an electric furnace. Here the percentage of metals are controlled by spectra analysis.

4. Melting billets/ingots in the foundry:

  • Melting of the billets/ingots is performed in a furnace. In this area of the process to make these alterations, our manufacturing teams are well trained

5. Extrusion rods :

  • This brass billet is extruded by extrusion press to get the required rods as per dimension for components.

6. Required product is crafted :

  • Rods made from extrusions are crafted in machines to get the required products.

7. Brass rods inspection & checking :

  • Manufactured brass material passes through the various stages of quality inspection. Defective products are filtered at this stage.

8. Turning/machining :

  • After receiving the final rods go for the turning and machining process. It involves CNC, VMC, Grinding, Sanding, Turning, or Machining the metal component in order to achieve the desired dimensional accuracies, physical shape, and surface finish, required by the customer.

9. Quality inspection :

  • Finally, the finished products are tested for hardness, strength, dimensions, and other factors to ensure that they meet the required specifications.


ISO 9001:2015


Make In India

  • Brass Anchors can be packaged in a small box, carton or wooden boxes, or pallets depending on the size of the parts & customer specifications.

  • The outer package should include the brand name and type number.

  • The package for ocean transportation is a wooden, steel, or plastic pallet, wrapped with a plastic sheet and sealed with metal strips.

  • The size of the boxes depends on customer requirements and preferences and is also influenced by the weight per box and handling possibilities.

  • For the purposes of identification during transport, the packaging is always labeled.

  • You should indicate the following information: quantity, weight, the products themselves, and the name of the producer

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